The courage and skills to protect ourselves and promote safety in our communities.

What is IMPACT:Ability? 

IMPACT:Ability is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supported program that empowers people with disabilities and communities to prevent abuse.

Why is IMPACT:Ability important? Youth and adults with disabilities are at least twice as likely to experience domestic violence and sexual assault. People with disabilities are better equipped to achieve their life goals when they have the skills to keep themselves safe.

“This program is IMPACTFUL, both to individuals with disabilities and to those who love them and want to keep them safe.” –Sonia Coard, Parent

How does IMPACT:Ability prevent abuse? IMPACT:Ability works with individuals with disabilities and organizations to prevent abuse. Individuals participate in 8-10 session Safety & Self-Advocacy trainings that teach them the verbal and physical skills required to stand up for themselves in challenging situations and defend themselves from potential assault. IMPACT:Ability also equips organizations like Boston Public Schools, the Department of Developmental Services, and Triangle to expand their capacity to prevent abuse.

Who will receive IMPACT:Ability training? Thanks to the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and our matching grant partners over 350 youth and adults with disabilities at Boston Public Schools, Department of Developmental Services, and Triangle will participate in Safety & Self-Advocacy trainings over the next four years. Twelve of these individuals will also receive leadership training so that they can become peer leaders, co-educators, and leadership team members. In addition 200 executives, administrators, teachers, direct care staff, and parents will receive Abuse Awareness and Reporting training.

“I loved the Safety & Self-Advocacy training! I only wish I would have had it when I was 10.” Gian, IMPACT Graduate, Triangle Abuse Prevention Leadership Team Member

How can I get involved? Schedule a Safety & Self-Advocacy and/or an Abuse Awareness and Reporting training for your school or organization. Help us match the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s $500,000 grant and expand this much needed program.

I need more information! Take a minute to read the IMPACT:Ability Press Release or Fact Sheet. You can also contact Meg Stone, IMPACT:Ability Director, at to learn more.


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